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*November 7, 2013 – Palo Alto, CA – *As part of its ongoing program to highlight excellence in healthcare, is pleased to recognize the top-ranked institutions and individual specialists in the field of glaucoma research and treatment. One of the leading causes of blindness in the U.S., glaucoma is actually a set of degenerative conditions that causeoptic nerve damage. The often slow onset of glaucoma can make the condition hard to detect, but early diagnosis and treatment can usually forestall or reduce vision loss. Having analyzed and ranked ten years of publications, honors these five individual experts and five institutions for demonstrating the greatest expertise and knowledge in the field of glaucoma research and treatment: * Leading Experts – Glaucoma* 1. Dr. Robert Weinreb @ University of California San Diego 2. Dr. David Friedman @ Johns Hopkins University 3. Dr. Robert Ritch @ New York Eye and Ear Infirmary 4. Dr. Harry Quigley @ Johns Hopkins University 5. Dr. Felipe Medeiros @ University of California San Diego * Leading Institutions – Glaucoma* 1. University of California San Diego 2. University of Miami 3. Johns Hopkins University 4. University College London 5. Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary My pick for the best glaucoma clinic in the US (and maybe in the world) is Glaucoma Associates of New York at the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary. This is where Dr. Robert Ritch practices and it is the home of The New York Glaucoma Research Institute. Dr. Robert Ritch is my pick for best glaucoma doctor. The New York Eye and Ear Infirmary 310 East 14th Street New York, NY 10003 Patient Appointments - Tel: 212-477-7540 Fax: 212-420-8743 I haven't counted the number of times Dr. Ritch and his practice have been awarded a "best doctor" award, but I can tell you that you need more than one hand to count the times they have received this award just from a single magazine. New York Glaucoma Research Institute (NYGRI) Associated with Glaucoma Associates of New York and The New York Eye and Ear Infirmary Established in 1995, NYGRI is at the forefront of innovation in diagnostic and therapeutic advances in the understanding and treatment of glaucoma. The physicians at the institute conduct research into the causes, treatment and prevention of glaucoma. Significant strides have been made in the development of new treatment modalities for glaucoma, understanding the anatomic abnormalities in glaucoma through new ocular imaging devices, tissue culture and cell biology studies, and nationwide clinical trials sponsored by the National Eye Institute. Today, the New York Glaucoma Research Institute is internationally known as the forefront of research into the underlying causes of glaucoma, lead by three internationally acclaimed experts. The rest of my picks: Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, Miami, Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore and Wills Eye Hospital, Philadelphia PA are considered some of the best all-around ophthalmology centers in the United States. These are also top-ranked clinics for glaucoma treatment. Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, Miami 900 NW 17th Street Miami, FL 33136 305-326-6000 800-329-7000 Website: Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore 600 North Wolfe Street Baltimore, MD 21287 Wills Eye Hospital, Philadelphia 840 Walnut Street Philadelphia, PA 19107 Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, Miami “Bascom Palmer is one of the top eye centers in the world—without question. For instance, we have eight of the world’s best glaucoma clinicians, which makes us extremely strong on the clinical side. But I’m also interested in promoting and developing more eye research. In terms of research, we need to rebuild. Our basic research faculty must complement our stellar clinical faculty. It’s a logical complement. “At Bascom Palmer we have the best of all worlds when it comes to patients. We have great balance, a good mix. We have a large and loyal private patient base, and we see a significant number of unfunded patients. We also are blessed with a large international clientele. About 15 percent of our patient base is international.” Source: University of Miami Research Programs Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore MORE AWARDS FOR THE GLAUCOMA SERVICE AND THE WILMER INSTITUTE: “For the 9th consecutive year, the Johns Hopkins Hospital was named the Best Hospital in the U.S. by U.S. News and World Report, and the Wilmer Institute was recognized as the best ophthalmology service in the same poll. These selections are made by national committees of professionals in the field by ballot.” Dr. Harry A. Quigley Director of Glaucoma Services and Dana Center for Preventative Ophthalmology, Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland One thing that particularly interests me about Dr. Quigley is that he has apparently recognized the value of the Reichert Optical Response Analyzer in glaucoma management. I read some of his quotes about the Optical Response Analyzer and I was impressed. I think the Optical Response Analyzer is an instrument that should be available to every glaucoma patient, so if you are looking for a top glaucoma center, consider one that has this instrument. I believe the Wilmer Institute does, but I have not yet verified that fact personally. To view Expertscape’s comprehensive results for glaucoma, covering hundreds of institutions and thousands of specialists worldwide, click here

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