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Donate to FitEyes and receive a FREE T-shirt, hat, or sweater! Donate $14 and receive a FREE hat! Donate $17 to $20 and receive a FREE t-shirt! Donate $46 and receive a...

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Donate to FitEyes and receive a FREE T-shirt, hat, or sweater!

  • Donate $14 and receive a FREE hat!
  • Donate $17 to $20 and receive a FREE t-shirt!
  • Donate $46 and receive a FREE full zipper jacket/hooded sweatshirt!
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If you would like to donate but you do not wish to receive FitEyes apparel, please visit our regular donations page.

FitEyes needs you!

Donate to FitEyesIn a few short years FitEyes has become the largest patient driven community serving people with glaucoma from all over the world.  We share our knowledge of glaucoma, our experiences in managing our intraocular pressure (IOP) and protecting our vision through our on-line discussion group, web articles and blogs, and participation in conference calls.  FitEyes is unique in its efforts to encourage patients through the experience of its members, empowering them with research materials and the idea of self-tonometry.
Through extensive volunteer efforts and the generosity of our members, FitEyes: 
•        developed this website;
•        has designed systems to help people better monitor and self-measure their IOP;
•        hosts an on-line discussion group; and 
•        conducts conference calls discussing glaucoma, its treatment and new treatment possibilities.
FitEyes urgently needs your support.  There is much that still needs to be done so that we may offer better and more services to people who are learning to cope with glaucoma: 
Donate to FitEyes
•        searchable archives;
•        increased capacity to accommodate the exponential growth we are experiencing;
•        developed tools to mine the millions of statistics amassed through self-tonometry; and
•        expanded teleconference and podcast programs.
We all need FitEyes and FitEyes needs us.  We need your contributions to maintain this precious resource and expand its capacity and services to meet growing community needs.  We are heartened by the gifts that have already been received from many of our members.  Your generous support will make a world of difference for the FitEyes community and for those afflicted with glaucoma throughout the world.  Please be assured that a gift of any size will be heartily welcomed. Give your support to FitEyes today and join peers that have already made a gift.
Thank you for helping FitEyes maintain itself as a user-supported institution.  If you would like additional information or wish to discuss your gift, do not hesitate to send an email to or contact us through the Contact Us form.
With gratitude and warm regards,
Vivian Ehrlich
Community Relations
FitEyes, LLC

Donate to FitEyes


Until recently everything has been made possible through financial donations from just a few individuals. Support has also come in the form of thousands of hours of volunteer efforts from David, Mark, Jerry, Jay and a few others others. It’s a labor of love.

However, recently the entire FitEyes community has begun stepping up with significant financial support. Many members have made contributions and in some cases those donations have been several thousand dollars. This support is helping us pursue our dreams for enhancements as well as sustaining our operations.

Below are some recent e-mails that have accompanied these financial donations to FitEyes. These emails show some of the reasons why people give to FitEyes.

"I am so grateful for the information I have gotten from FitEyes over the last years. When I first got involved David was very helpful to me, especially with the use of the tonometer.

I am now seeing Dr. Ritch and have had email/phone discussions wtih Dr. Faye (she is a jewel) and gotten wonderful advice from her. All this would not have happened without FitEyes.

Thank you for all that you do for FitEyes."


"THANK YOU, FitEyes! I cannot express how valuable the FitEyes community is to me. So glad I found you guys."


"I am the one to be thanking you and all the FitEyes community. I have been busy and have not had much time to join in online discussions, but try to read most of the posts. Self tonometry has been invaluable in helping me understand myself better and am happy I am able to contribute at this time. "