Gold Support Plan

Transform your life! This plan provides a full year of coaching where FitEyes' team of experts take you to the level of mastery. This plan provides you with the essential foundation for self-tonometry.

Terry or Mark will install the FitEyes Insight software for your tonometer. (Terry works with Reichert tonometers and Mark works with Icare. We'll pair you with the expert for your tonometer.)

You will also work with your personal Serene Impulse mentor who will teach you the essentials of stress management. David, the founder of FitEyes, has discovered that stress can have a significant impact on eye pressure (IOP). The newest research on this is completely transforming science's understanding of eye pressure. (See and the FitEyes mailing list for more information.)

This Gold Support Plan goes beyond simple stress management. It is about mastering the art of living (being healthy and happy and truly stress-free) where you also learn to make decisions that support healthy vision and healthy eye pressure. (We do not diagnose or treat any medical conditions. This is about creating health, not treating disease.)

This course also covers everything from how to use the self-monitoring devices (including tonometers) to full support with software installation and training to problem solving to advanced software training and one-to-one coaching. There is no limit to the number of software technical support incidences. With the Gold plan coaching you will participate in scheduled weekly 1-hour personal or group telephone conversations. Topics include basic and advanced IOP self-monitoring (including basic and advanced use of the FitEyes Insight software) as well as Serene Impulse meditation. This plan is available to owners of any tonometer(s).

This plan is available for everyone. It is the recommended plan for starting self-tonometry.

You are covered for unlimited software technical support incidences during the term of the support agreement (a $3000 value). These can be used for tech support or software training or any other Insight-related and tonometer-related issues you need help with.

Serene Impulse mentoring is included (a $8750 value). Software and operating system installation is included (a $200 value).